Date: 19 FEB posted by Polycart Bulgariaon , , 7 Comments

Another area of our business is blocknotes and paper notes with print and sheet count according to specifications. We can produce any size up to sheet B1 and up to 500 sheets per block, giving us unlimited possibilities.

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Date: 25 NOV posted by Polycart Envelopeson , , 27 Comments

We produce notebooks in different styles - stitched, glued, spiral bound and spine bound up to 70 mm thick, with full colour print inside, notebook covers and spirals in different colours. When it comes to notebooks we can offer unlimited possibilities at competitive price and quick delivery.

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Pads and Calendars

Date: 5 MAY posted by Polycart BGon , , 18 Comments

School pads and calendars are normally periodical items, depending on time of year, for example Chrismas time and school time. Thus we are flexible to take any order and deliver quick, in the matter of days for express orders of customers for those advertising items.

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