Custom Printed Binders and Folders in Europe

Polycart LLC is a manufacturer of custom-printed binders and folders in Europe, we make stationery such as folders and binders for nearly every industry from personal businesses to booking systems and even government documents.

When it comes to binders and folders paper is the best option for material, since is affordable and allows for a clear print, without distortion of the image or colors, and a wide variety of options for customization.

Depending on your budget and what you need from a binder, there are different types that have distinct uses and prices. The standard No Pocket is also known as the presentation folder. With this type, the documents are directly attached to the rings of the binder. If you want to be able to easly take out and put in documents and papers, there are a lot of options for binders with one or two pockets, a vertical pockets, and a CD pocket. Additionally, if you plan on using the binder for a long time there are reinforced binders that are made to last long.

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