Production Of Printed Sketchbooks

Polycart LLC offers the production of printed sketchbooks of all types and cost ranges.

Sketchbooks have always been popular, they are like visual diaries for artists and others. They aren’t that much different from regular notebooks, and just like with them there are various ways to produce a sketchbook, despite their common use, there are many types of sketchbooks with different covers, paper types, and so on. The most common ones are the plain hardcover sketchbooks since they are often the cheapest for the best quality possible. There are many sizes, most of them which fit in bags or pockets, so the artists can sketch wherever they go, but so go as big as A1 or 23.4 x 33.1 inches.

While blank hardcovers are the most popular type of sketchbook, there are plenty of people who prefer colorful illustrations and extra details like hot foil or embossed print for their sketchbooks. We offer all of those options in stock or we can help you create the sketchbook you envision from scratch.

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