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Cardboard Cardholder

Cardboard cardholders for keeping your business cards or other small documents. The holders can be customized with additional coating and print.


Small cardholders with custom print for your business cards.

Carton Envelopes With String

Carton Envelopes With String is a sturdier and more secure alternative to paper envelopes. They can be ordered with custom print for company branding.

Carton Folder

Carton Folders are a cheap and practical way to organize and carry your paper around. The folders have an option for custom print for branding.

Carton Mailer

Very simple but durable Carton Mailer available in stock in different sizes. If you are looking for branded mailing packaging, we offer custom prints.

Carton Mailers

Carton Mailers are a secure way to ship out a broad range of items such as books, CDs, and documents.

Carton Office Pocket

Carton Office Pockets are made from light but durable material and are available in different sizes with optional print.

Colored Binder

We offer Colored Binders with pre-made designs, available in stock to help you keep your working space organised.

Colored Blanks

Colored Blanks with custom-commissioned print to help you with any type of paperwork.

Colored Carton Envelopes

Colored Carton Envelopes for securely storing and mailing letters, documents, and promotional materials. It includes the option for additional coatings and a custom print.

Colored Envelopes With Print

Our Colored Envelopes With Print are available on demand with custom print of your choice.

Colored Rigid Folder

Colored Rigid Folders for organizing papers and documents safely. They are available in different colors in stock.